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Travis Krause November 20, 2023
"Owner was really nice, wide variety of items for sale, amazing prices, good knowledge of various coins and currency. Its hard to find a coin dealer that also deals in currency these days. Will definitely be back to pick up more coins to complete Sets. This place has a brand new owner, I never had the chance to meet the old owner."
David McNeeley August 11, 2023
"Don’t be fooled by the older reviews from years past. NEW owner Steven welcomes you with a smile and a hello and presents a welcoming environment to everyone who walked in his store that day. He let me rummage through his constitutional silver and I found a few that I was missing in my collection. Honesty there are proof like 1964 BF 50c just hanging out with walkers and everything in between. I also scored an incredible deal (looked it up later- wow thanks Steve!!) on a commemorative Apollo 11 50th Anniversary coin I have been wanting to own in a PCGS holder. The Morgan dollar collection is phenomenal and has tons of key dates and CC’s at great deals! I could have spent hours and all my money here, thank god I had to get somewhere or I would have stayed till closing and spent more than I should have. :p There is a huge selection but from what I can see it flips over fast so ya know you should pop in often and always buy a lil something to keep our LCS’s in business. To my knowledge this is the only coin chop in Nor Cal/Humboldt area north of Sacramento all the way to Oregon. Even though he is the only one around, (for me the closest and I’m 2.5 hour drive away in Eureka) this shop has fair pricing on everything, and serious deals on others. 12 outta five stars, would recommend. :)"
Maryann Prince July 2, 2023
"Amazing place! Staff was very knowledgeable about my items and answered all my questions. Just all-round great family business. Will definitely be going back."
Sean May 18, 2023
"I sold some bullion today and was given a fair price considering the convenience of selling to a local dealer versus trying to sell bullion online to an online dealer or to a end customer. Extremely easy process. The gentleman I spoke with was pleasant and courteous. I will happily continue to do business here. My only suggestion is to post the business hours online so that folks can see if the business is open or not. I know Google Maps showed this business as closed, even though it was opened today."
Jonathan Escalante March 16, 2022
"I like this place. The only place in Ukiah that will sell and buy coins honestly , based on today's silver and gold value index. If you are interested in investing in gold or coins, this is the place to start."
Bethany Kerr March 22, 2019
"I don't go often but this is a good place. The owner is very personable and is willing to answer my many questions. I don't stack gold or silver but I know that he does a lot of gold and silver bullion sales. He also has a large variety of numismatic coins. I especially enjoy digging through the junk silver and buffalo nickel cans. The Coin Shop does have limited hours which can be problematic for people who work the same hours that the store is open (like me)."