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Sia Williams March 2, 2019
"If you are new to metals then this is the place to go. David is the owner, he’s knowledgeable, personable & patient. You will not experience a “Pushy Sales” experience, quite the opposite. David is there to actually HELP you with your goals. We were green as green can be, with very little Fiat (paper money). David spent a very long time over the course of 2 days explaining precious metals to us. The remarkable thing was, David never ONCE asked us if we would purchase from him. Not once. His interest was in our “Goals” and “ Purpose” for metals. He explained the pro’s and cons of each metal as well as just what each metal consisted of. After our request of “buy back” info, he thoroughly explained the process, the pro’s and cons of each of the metals “Buy Back”. David explained the constituents of each metal as well! So, our suggestion to you is: “Don’t go anywhere else to purchase Gold and or Silver”. Do purchase from David at The Coin Shop in Ukiah CA. D"